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The Future of Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids have constantly evolved since the time of using our hands to cup sound into our ears.

In fact, this year marks the 20th anniversary of digital hearing aids hitting the market.

Since that time, these hearing aids have provided millions of people with the opportunity to hear better, even in background noise, while making them smaller and nearly invisible.

Hearing aids are now directly compatible with smart phones which wearers can use to stream phone calls, music, and adjust how their hearing aids are programmed.

More recently, new technologies have been released, like Earlens, which completely revolutionize hearing treatment by turning sound into an invisible light which creates the ability to hear.

With all of these amazing advancements, what else could the future of hearing aids possibly provide?

Well, trust us, it will get FAR better.

Data and technology drive our world including e-commerce, fitness, and even medicine.

Manufacturers are now working to develop “Smart” hearing aids that utilize “bio-sensors” for eye movement, muscle function, and brain function in order to improve a listeners ability to hear and understand speech better, particularly in complicated environments.

However, they will likely do way more than just improve hearing.

These “bio-sensors” within future hearing aids will likely be able to monitor the wearer’s health such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, body temperature, and other risk factors which may allow for early intervention for life threatening diseases.

It is also likely that these same functions will be available for non-hearing impaired individuals with in-ear blue tooth devices as well.

All in all, the future of hearing aids looks bright.

With the continued improvements of these devices, they are hardly recognizable compared to the huge devices that people used to wear.

Don’t be surprised if you see everyone wearing some sort of a device in or on their ear, hearing impaired or not, much like you currently see everyone walking around with a smart phone today.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, and would like to explore hearing technology as a treatment option, we’d like to help you through your journey back to healthy hearing.

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