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What is Single-Sided Deafness?

Single-sided deafness occurs when there is a hearing loss in only one ear.

What Can Cause Single-Sided Deafness?

There are several things that can cause single-sided deafness:

  • A patient could be born without hearing in that ear
  • The hearing conductive mechanism (the ear canal, eardrum or ear bones) has a problem
  • There is a problem with the nerve (sensorineural hearing loss)
  • A tumor in the ear

What Are The Problems With Single-Sided Deafness?

  • When people approach from the side of the hearing loss, the patient will have a more difficult time detecting or hearing the person.
  • Inability to hear as well when background noise is present.
  • Patients lack “directionality of sound”- meaning they can’t tell which direction sounds are coming from.
  • Patients sometimes need to turn their head to hear what others are saying, so they unable to talk to people straight on.

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