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Common Diagnoses: Otosclerosis

Otosclerosis – a disorder of the ear bone which often causes the stiffening of the third bone of hearing – accounts for approximately 1 percent of all conductive hearing loss cases.

The third bone of hearing is the stapes bone. This type of loss is a slow, progressive decrease in hearing over several years. Onset often occurs in a patient’s 20s, and many do not realize there is a hearing loss until later in life.

Otosclerosis typically has a genetic component (60 percent of patients have a family history).

Otosclerosis affects caucasian, females most frequently. 60-70 percent of patients affected by otosclerosis experience problems with both ears.

Most times, the hearing loss will begin in one ear and slowly progress to both ears

There are three treatment options for otosclerosis. The options are observation, hearing aid(s) or a stapedectomy.

A stapedectomy is a surgery that can be performed to put a hole in the bottom of the third bone of hearing. A piston is placed in the hole and attached to the second bone of hearing. This procedure enables the sound to reach the inner ear and can correct the hearing loss.

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