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What is a Transtympanic Infusion?

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Transtympanic infusion is one of the possible treatment options for patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss. For some patients, the Transtympanic Procedure — which involves a series of liquid steroids — may be a good option for recovering hearing.

Sudden hearing loss patients who visit an ENT doctor are often administered a course of oral steroids. When steroids are taken orally, the medicine is absorbed into the bloodstream and a small fraction goes to your ear.

The transtympanic infusion, in contrast, is a local steroid that is delivered into the ear in an attempt to reduce any inflammation that may have occured there. The medication is infused into your middle ear, which can result in higher concentrations being absorbed into your inner ear.

“The hope of doing the transtympanic infusion is to recover some of the hearing loss that has occured” says Linda Vanderbeek, the physician’s assistant at Arizona Hearing Center, “by getting the steroid where the damage has occured, which is the inner ear.”

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