Take Back Your Hearing.

Take Back Your Life.

Enjoy life’s wonderful moments again with a custom
hearing treatment plan from the Arizona Hearing Center.

Physician-led Treatment

Cutting Edge Hearing Care

31,295+ Patients Treated

Say goodbye to...

  • Feeling isolated from others
  • Having to ask people to repeat themselves
  • Being afraid of losing your independence
  • Not hearing people calling from the other room
  • Having a hard time hearing people on the phone
  • Struggling to hear your favorite movies and TV shows
  • Asking people to speak slowly to you
  • Feeling like people are mumbling when they talk to you
  • Skipping social events out of fear people won’t hear you
  • Not being able to understand what people are saying

Hearing loss shouldn’t get to take your life from you.

Getting your hearing back doesn’t have to be overwhelming and frustrating anymore.

Kick hearing loss to the curb with a custom hearing recovery plan from the Arizona Hearing Center.

Your custom Arizona Hearing Recovery Plan:


Comprehensive Hearing & Technology Evaluation

Uncover what’s causing your hearing loss and explore custom recovery options.


Customized Hearing Recovery Plan

From the latest hearing aid technology to the most advanced surgical treatments, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to kick hearing loss to the curb and take back your life.


Take Back Your Hearing (And Your Life!)

Stop avoiding the party and become the life of the party again, with more energy and confidence.

It's a shame I waited so long to treat my hearing loss. Hearing loss always held me back from improving myself. I shut myself out even to my friends and family; I felt like I wasn't part of anything. I thought I'd die like this. But then I found the Arizona Hearing Center and Dr. Mark Syms - and now I can hear again! Finally, my life is back in my hands and I'm happier than ever.

- Bonnie Grimm

With your personalized Arizona Hearing Recovery Plan, you’ll enjoy:

  • Comprehensive care from a board-certified otologist, neurologist,  and audiologist.
  • Hearing aid and assistive listening device education, selection, and training for you and your significant others.
  • Diagnostic audiological assessments to monitor hearing ability and ear health.
  • Hearing aid service, repair, maintenance, and cleaning.
  • And most importantly, a 75-day adjustment period if you are not 100% satisfied with the hearing healthcare and treatment you receive.

"I suffered sudden hearing loss in my left ear and started to panic. I knew I had to do something. I went to see Dr. Syms and now my hearings back!! I'm very thankful to Mark Syms and God above! Don't wait to treat sudden hearing loss - the longer you wait, the greater the risk of losing it forever.

Anthony Cyplik

Phoenix, Arizona

"People have been after me for years to get a hearing aid. My wife got tired of me going "Huh? Huh? Huh??" So I decided to see Dr. Mark Syms. After seeing Dr. Syms and the folks at Arizona Hearing Center, my hearing is much better and I've been much happier!

Jim Lochead

Phoenix, Arizona

Hearing loss affects so much more than your hearing. Not only does it disconnect you from people you love, it can impact your work, relationships, and overall mental wellbeing.

If left untreated, hearing loss can continue to be a barrier between you and many of life’s greatest joys.

I've been through it too.

Growing up with a brother with hearing loss, I’ve seen the impact of hearing loss first-hand.

After my brother, Robbie, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and later developed hearing loss, he became frustrated with the way people communicated with him - causing him to disconnect from his social life... and ultimately isolate from me. 

I’m on a mission to break down the social barriers caused by untreated hearing loss help people like you avoid the negative impact of hearing loss. 

Known as THE Hearing Loss Physician, I’ve spent the past 25 years treating over 40,000 patients - and I want to help you to.

" I can't get over how everything has changed in just four days! I'm hearing things I've never heard before. Every click of the toaster, even the dog's nails clicking on the pavement when we go walking. "

- Irene Martone

The Arizona Hearing Center Difference

We don’t just fit you with a hearing aid - we provide you a comprehensive approach to treatment, with the combined expertise of multiple doctors and specialists.

Dr. Mark Syms performs some of the most advanced surgical and non-surgical treatments for hearing and ear disorders. From our state-of-the-art facility in downtown Phoenix, we help patients improve their quality of life by providing individualized treatment options in a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Arizona Hearing Center | Our Mission


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"My hearing impairment caused people to think I was really shy. People thought I was introverted, but I'm really not! I was just afraid of saying the wrong thing, so I stayed out of the conversation. Now with the help of Dr. Syms, I hear better and I'm all in again! "

Ginger Kuberra

Payson, AZ

Don't just go to any hearing center. Make sure you're with someone who's on the cutting edge and - most importantly - someone you can trust. Dr. Mark Syms gave me back my hearing, and my life. 

Linda Gotcher

Phoenix, AZ

Our promise to you

90-Minute Hearing Loss Evaluation And Consultation

You will have enough time to understand your hearing loss, treatment options and have your questions answered.

Listening Lifestyle Assessment

Ensures your hearing technology will meet your day-to-day needs.

Concierge Hearing Healthcare

Any medical issues or concerns regarding your hearing are addressed immediately, effectively and professionally.

Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and have your hearing restored so you could stop saying “huh?” or just nodding in agreement.

Imagine if you could understand conversations, enjoy music, socialize with your friends and family, and get the "life" back in living!

We can help you make that happen.

" I didn't realize I had just undergone surgery; there was nothing to it. I really didn't know what I was getting into but I was amazed... It just makes you human again "

Arizona Hearing Center | Melvin Hobson Testimonial

Melvin Hobson

Cochlear Implant Recipient

"I can hear the airplanes, the birds singing, and most importantly, my girls. Hearing my girls on the phone, and being able to understand what they're saying was most exciting. I'm perfectly happy with my hearing aids "

Arizona Hearing Center | Joann Howell Testimonial

Joann Howell

Hearing Care Patient

Feeling lost in the sea of hearing care providers?

Protect yourself from wasting precious time and money on hearing solutions that don’t work.
Download the 33-Point Quality Control Checklist - the ultimate guide to choosing a hearing care provider.

Listen Up!: A Physicians Guide to effectively treating your hearing loss

Listen Up! A Physician’s Guide to Effectively Treating Your Hearing Loss is now available on Amazon. Take the next step to treating your hearing loss today!

In Listen Up!, you'll discover:

With more than 30 years experience successfully restoring hearing to tens of thousands of patients all over the world, Dr. Mark J. Syms, MD, "the hearing loss physician"now shares the secrets to better hearing and sets you on the path to a better life. LISTEN UP! will help you:

(1) continue to live independently,
(2) enjoy relationships with family and friends, and
(3) protect yourself from health problems associated with hearing loss and aging like dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Patient Transformations

"Dr. Syms, the hearing loss physician, does a powerful service to our world with this highly readable, short and practical guide. LISTEN UP! empowers readers to take clear action, dramatically improving their quality of life by specifically guiding us to the best care for hearing loss." ~David Browne, verified Amazon purchaser

David Browne // Verified Amazon Purchaser

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