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4 Ways to Protect Your Hearing Technology This Summer

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All over the world, people in very different climates use hearing aids. In America alone, hearing aids must survive the frigid winters of Alaska, the humidity of Louisiana and the extreme dry heat of Arizona.

While hearing aids are becoming more and more durable due to improved research and development, they still run the risk of malfunction due to these extreme climates, but there are things you can do during the hot summer months to ensure the survival of your hearing aids.  Here are four suggestions:

1.) Be careful when you go to the pool
If you are one of those individuals who is willing to leave the comfort of a nice air conditioned home to go to the pool, be careful not to jump in with your hearing aids on. Although hearing aids have become increasingly water resistant, you run the risk of damaging yours if they do not have an IP rating of at least 57.

2.) Store your hearing aids in a safe place when doing outdoor activities
Inevitably, hearing aid users will remove their hearing aids when doing things outdoors such as swimming, hiking and running. While this is completely acceptable, avoid putting your hearing aids into a tissue and accidentally throwing them away. (It happens more often than you’d think.) Visit your hearing-care professional to get a special case for storing your hearing aids.

3.) Perform extra hearing aid maintenance
Hearing aids require regular maintenance to ensure that they function properly. During the hot summer months, hearing aids are subjected to substantially more amounts of moisture and dust that in the winter months. This constant moisture and dust exposure can wreak havoc on hearing aids. Performing your preventative maintenance such as brushing the hearing aids and using a hearing aid dehumidifier can protect your devices and keep them performing well.

4.) Schedule an extra visit to your hearing-care professional
Hearing-care professionals have the capability of performing maintenance on hearing aids that require special tools. Usually, if you can’t fix a technical issue caused by moisture, dust or heat, your professional can. If the problem can’t be fixed by them, the hearing aid may require a replacement component that has to be done by the hearing aid manufacturer. Either way, your hearing-care professional is your best resource for protecting your hearing technology.

There’s no reason to worry about your hearing aids during the summer months, but extra care can ensure that your devices keep on ticking for seasons to come. Contact Arizona Hearing Center by phone 602.27734327 for more information or to schedule an evaluation.

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