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4 Reasons a Hearing Aid Squeaks

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There are many reasons why some hearing aid users experience feedback, or unwanted squeaks, squeals, and whistles more than others. The top 4 reasons are:

Earwax in the ear canal

Earwax in the ear can deflect sound in the wrong direction and cause feedback. Cleaning out the earwax will often solve the problem. Arizona Hearing Center can arrange for your wax to be removed.

Poorly fit hearing aid(s)

If there is leakage of sound from around the ear mold or dome, feedback can occur. Having a new custom ear mold made or using a more appropriate dome can eliminate feedback.

The vent on the ear mold is too large

The vent hole is placed in your ear mold to allow low tones pass though the mold to reach your ear. At the same time, this vent hole can cause sound to leak out of the ear and into the microphone. While a large vent hole can be good for some hearing aid users, other users with severe hearing loss often need a much smaller vent hole to prevent feedback.

Inappropriate programming of the hearing aid

Almost all hearing aids are able to be programmed to prevent feedback. However, this can also limit performance of a hearing aid, so don’t depend on the feedback control setting on a hearing aid to control feedback. A good hearing aid is programmed well so feedback is reduced and the hearing aid still performs well.

It is not normal to experience feedback when you hug someone, chew, have a conversation, or use the telephone. Feedback usually means your hearing aids are not fit correctly or programmed appropriately.

If any of these problems describes you, please contact Arizona Hearing Center for an appointment to learn more about feedback management or hearing loss. Contact Us by phone at 602.313.1243, or by email at Scheduling@Azhear.Com.

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