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Directional microphones allow the processor to focus in the direction of speech and reduce the background noise. Having the ability to utilize more than one microphone allows the processor to use different microphone strategies, such as adaptive mics, which will scan the room for speech and focus on it while trying to reduce background noise. There are two types of directional microphones: fixed directional and omnidirectional. Fixed directional mics focus straight in front of the patient, while omnidirectional mics pick up everything around the patient. Utilizing directional mics helps improve the signal (speech) to noise ratio, creating better understanding in a noisy environment. Directional mics are great for all patients with hearing difficulties, as they help to cut out background noise for easier listening.

Advanced Bionics

Nadia is equipped with a fixed directional microphone.

Advanced Bionics Directional Mic

Cochlear Americas

Cochlear Americas Directional Mic


Sonnet has directional mics but Rondo does not right now.

Med El Directional Mic

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