Age-Related Hearing Loss is a silent disorder that occurs gradually and slowly overtime – without most people really noticing, or accepting, that it is happening to them.

The most important factor for successful treatment outcomes of all medical conditions is: “Catch it Early and Treat it Early!” Treating your hearing loss is essential to your ear and brain health. You need to optimize and improve your ability to hear and your brain’s ability to think and communicate. These are essential to enjoying life and living life to the fullest.

The consequences of untreated hearing loss are real and can be devastating to the patient and to the family. By addressing any hearing impairment issues early, we can help to alleviate social isolation issues, depression, and the impact on cognitive function. When is the best time to treat hearing loss? Yesterday!

An individual’s hearing has a major impact on their well-being. The medical treatment of hearing loss will help maintain a host of health benefits, including increase in brain function, reducing the increased risk of developing dementia, and overall improved physical and mental health. Hearing loss is a medical problem that needs to be treated. Afterall, one does not leave a “little bit of high blood pressure” untreated. It is the same for hearing loss.

A ground breaking report (The Lancet, July 2020) found that early treatment of hearing loss is the single most effective modifiable factor for the prevention of Dementia.

Unfortunately, hearing loss, and it’s symptoms, can be easy to overlook and go without being recognized. The brain compensates for the hearing loss and most in the early stages do not realize hearing loss is present. Get a comprehensive hearing evaluation yesterday!

Here is a list of initial symptoms that people will experience in the beginning stages of Age-Related Hearing Loss.

· Difficulty Following a Conversation in Background Noise (e.g. in a restaurant)
· Tinnitus (i.e. ringing in the ears)
· Decreased Social Interaction with Others
· Increased Television Volume
· Development of Depression
· Asking People to Repeat or saying “What?” or “Huh?”

At Listen Up! Hearing Centers, we are dedicated to you always hearing as best as possible all the time! You will undergo a continual assessment of your hearing treatment to ensure that you are achieving the optimal outcome. The plan includes continually reassessing your hearing rehabilitation and treatment and evaluating you for new technologies to better treat your hearing loss.

In addition to your yearly hearing test, we evaluate your hearing when speaking with you, learning how you're doing, we are assessing if there's anything we can do that can improve your hearing. Another critical part of your care is we ensure that the hearing technology is always performing at peak levels. We clean your devices, adjust your prescription based on your latest assessments and ensure the technology is optimized for your hearing care.

If you had your high blood pressure treated, you'd think it'd be strange if your primary care doctor didn't measure your blood pressure to ensure that you've been brought back to normal and seeing how you're doing from a side effects point of view. That's what you would expect for any other medical CARE and that's what we do for your hearing care. It's a continual assessment. We don't just treat you once and send you on your way – our team at Listen Up! Hearing Center is continually monitoring, assessing and improving your hearing TREATMENT.

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