Hearing Loss TREATMENT

Treating your hearing loss is essential to your ear and brain health. You need to optimize and improve your ability to hear and your brain’s ability to think and communicate. These are essential to enjoying life and living life to the fullest. Often patients visit a provider and are told in a matter-of-fact manner they have a health issue and they have to live with it. That is NOT the case with hearing loss and brain health. TREATING you hearing loss will help to keep your ears and brain sharp and healthy. Certainly, your brain will work better if you can communicate better with those around you and have to work less to communicate.

The hard, agonizing pathway in untreated hearing loss is initially listening to the TV louder, asking people to repeat and saying “Huh?” or “What?” because you do not understand. The problem can progress and the hearing loss leads to social disconnection and one not being “with it”. At that point, family and friends are discussing your care needs and perhaps moving to a place with more supervision. No one wants that! We want to do EVERYTHING possible to prevent this loss of independence. We want to keep your brain and ears sharp! TREATING you hearing loss is an essential component of keeping your ears and brain healthy.

Like most other health problems, being able to detect them early is the best way to address them. The only way you can detect your hearing loss early is with a comprehensive hearing examination. Schedule an appointment yesterday!

At Listen Up! Hearing Center we TREAT hearing loss. Others SELL hearing aids. When you go to get a phone, you go to the phone store, pick out the phone, the phone is setup for you and the store gives it to you and tells you “come back and see us if you need us”. Simply, this is technology “acquisition”. When you go to a store that sell hearing aids – perhaps the same place you buy meat, trash bags and toilet paper in bulk – you go through the same process! You pick out the hearing aids, they are setup for you, you are given the hearing aids and told “come back and see us if you need us”. Simply, this is hearing aid buying or acquisition.

Treatment is more, so much more! It would be CRAZY if you had high blood pressure and your primary care physician gave you a pill and said “come back and see us if you need us.” You would think that physician is a QUACK! Treatment of high blood pressure is diagnosis, discussion, selection of initial treatment, return appointment to measure the treatment works, adjustment of treatment to optimize your care and follow-up on a regular basis.

That is what you EXPECT from your primary care physician TREATING your high blood pressure and that is what you NEED to TREAT you hearing loss. The difference is stark and TREATING your hearing loss could mean staying socially active and connected and living independently! NOT needing around the clock care because your hearing loss has led to dementia and you not being “with it”.

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