The biggest reason people are resistant to hearing aids is they have a very bad peer experience. Meaning none of their friends love their hearing aids. My patients tell me they have three friends with hearing aids. One returned the aids, one does not wear them and the third does not hear better when wearing the aids. It is not wonder most of my patients tell me they do not want hearing aids.

When people go and GET hearing aids, they don't actually think about who's providing the CARE. They are thinking about the devices. They don't think about whether or not their hearing loss is TREATED. Usually if they put in the hearing aids and hear LESS bad, they think the aids are “working”. Making sure your hearing loss is treated, is a measurable, demonstrable, and verifiable. By example, it is not the paint, it is the painter. It is not the bricks, it is the mason. It is not the lumber, it is the carpenter. It is not the hearing aids, it is the hearing care team.

Other organizations SELL hearing aids, with a TRIAL PERIOD and return option lasting just 30 days or a bit longer. After that Trial Period is over, they consider you SOLD.

We are different. The Listen Up! Guarantee is a LIFETIME Success Guarantee. While others SELL you hearing aids, we TREAT your hearing loss. We guarantee you will hear better and have your best possible hearing for lifetime of your hearing technology. If, at any time during our treatment, you are not getting these results, you can receive a full 100% refund of every penny you ever paid.

Why can we make such an unmatched Guarantee? We invest in only hiring the best, in the best training and on-going education, the best clinical practices, and the best current technology and treatment. We passionately provide our patients with excellent hearing loss TREATMENT. You are our PATIENT, not a customer we sold.

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