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You are scheduled for a Technology Evaluation to determine the best option to rehabilitate your hearing.  Depending on your type and degree of hearing loss, one or more options may be available to you to help you hear well.  Your hearing has been tested. The health of your ear has been established. Now we will evaluate how you are hearing in real-world situations.

There are 2 parts to this evaluation:

  1. You will be fit with a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid programmed with your prescription for hearing and tested in various listening environments.
    1. Counseling on the options associated with the BAHA surgical approach to rehabilitate your hearing.
  2. Demonstration of a Contra-lateral Routing of Signal (CROS) hearing aid programmed with your prescription for hearing.
    1. Counseling on the different CROS hearing aids available and the cost.

Depending on the options available to rehabilitate your hearing, your CROS demonstration may be scheduled with a different provider than the BAHA appointment and will be scheduled at the end of the BAHA appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes early and be prepared to fill out 2 questionnaires regarding your hearing experience and general health.  The testing should take no longer than 60 minutes.

Due to the length of the appointment, should you need to reschedule your appointment please contact our office immediately at 602-307-9919. Late arrival may result in cancellation of your appointment.

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