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Audio Streamers

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The days of playing music through large speakers next to your cassette player are over. Nowadays, everyone uses headphones or ear buds to listen to music on their MP3 players or smart phones.

For hearing aid users, listening to music can be difficult, since headphones and ear buds can’t be used with hearing aids. The good news: hearing aids allow an even better option than normal ear buds when it comes to music.

Audio streamers wirelessly transmit music from a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, or other music device directly into your hearing aids. High tech devices like hearing aids provide a customized listening experience that traditional headphones and ear buds would not be able to, especially for someone with a hearing loss.

Who knows? Since audio streamers are so much better for listening to music, before long, low quality wireless ear buds may be replaced by hearing aids to give individuals with normal hearing a better music experience as well.

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