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4 Questions to Ask Yourself if Your Hearing Aids Are Not Working

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Why aren’t my hearing aids working? 

Oftentimes, the answer to that question is not a complicated one.  Here are the 4 simple questions to ask yourself before calling your hearing care provider. 

1. When is the last time I changed the batteries?

As ridiculous as it may sound, a majority of “dead” hearing aids are just out of battery.  Simply changing the battery can bring the device back to life.

2. Is there earwax blocking the sound?

If changing the battery doesn’t fix the issue, the problem may be earwax.  The sound produced by hearing aids can become blocked by earwax either in the ear or on the device itself.  Changing the wax trap on the hearing aid or removing the wax from the sound opening with your cleaning tool often fixes the problem. 

3. Have I been using my dryer kit?

Moisture is the enemy of electronics.  Even if you live in the dry deserts of Arizona, your body still produces enough moisture to damage the devices.  If you haven’t been using a dryer kit for your hearing aids, start using one ASAP.

4. When is the last time I had my hearing checked?

Have you heard a “pop” or “rushing” sound recently?  Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your hearing is gradually getting worse?  If so, your hearing may have changed. You need to see your hearing care provider immediately to have your hearing rechecked and your hearing aids reprogrammed.

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