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The remote control is great for people who want a simple way to control their cochlear implant. There are different remote controls for each brand of cochlear implants. Some remote controls have a screen that displays information such as the volume or program mode. Other remote controls don’t have a display but they can still change the volume, program, etc.

The Remote Assistant is Cochlear Americas’ remote control. It is compatible with the Nucleus 5, Nucleus 6 and Kanso models. This wireless remote allows you to control your processor manually. You can change programs, volume, sensitivity and access your telecoil. It has many features including:

  • Real-time information about active programs.
  • Telecoil button allows you to connect to True Wireless devices or room loops.
  • Clear LED display allows you to see the sound processor and remote assistant settings.
  • Monitors battery life and provides alerts for troubleshooting.
  • Charges easily like a cell phone.
  • Small dimensions make it convenient to carry. (Length: 4.36in Width: 1.8in Depth: 0.55in)

Remote Assistant Remote Control FrontRemote Assistant Remote Control Back


Med-El’s remote control, called the FineTuner, looks a bit different from the Cochlear Americas remote. The main difference is the lack of a screen, providing a much different experience for the user. The FineTuner features large buttons that can be easier for the user to press if they have difficulty seeing. The FineTuner is smaller than the Remote Assistant, except in width. It is the size of a credit card (3.38 in × 2.13 in) and about 6mm thick (0.24 in).

  • Large buttons for easy button-pressing.
  • Thin and small for convenience.

Fine Tune Remote Control

The remote control for the Advanced Bionics cochlear implant is called AB myPilot. Like the Remote Assistant for Cochlear Americas, it has a screen so users can see the program, battery level, sensitivity level and volume. The large buttons make it easy to control. myPilot is 3.5 in x 2 in and is 0.6 in thick. This is great for customers who want a visual representation of what is happening with their cochlear implant device.

MyPilot Remote Control

Remote ControlDisplay?Size
Cochlear Americas Remote AssistantYes4.36” x 1.8” x 0.55”
Med-El FineTunerNo3.38” x 2.13” x 0.24”
Advanced Bionics myPilotYes3.5” x 2” x 0.6”


If you want more information about the remote controls for cochlear implants, please contact Arizona Hearing Center at 602-277-4327. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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