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Dr. Drew Dundas – Getting the Right Hearing Impairment Treatment for More Confidence

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Dr. Drew Dundas is the Vice President of Audiology and Product Strategy at Earlens Corporation. He is an audiologist, scientist, and leader who seeks to turn great ideas into tangible innovations. 

Before joining Earlens, Dr. Dundas was the President and Chief Technical Officer at Soundhawk and the Director of Audiology at the University of California in San Francisco. He has also been a Staff Audiologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and an Audiology Fellow at Cleveland Clinic.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How Dr. Drew Dundas‘ interest in the space program led him to pursue audiology
  • Dr. Dundas shares some patient stories that have greatly impacted him
  • The benefits of getting proper hearing loss treatment as opposed to just getting hearing aids 
  • Dr. Dundas talks about joining Earlens Corporation and the technological advancements they’ve made in hearing solutions
  • The people Dr. Dundas appreciates for helping him along his medical journey
  • Why otolaryngologists and audiologists should collaborate more
  • How to get in touch with Dr. Drew Dundas

In this episode…

Hearing loss profoundly affects patients’ lives and often hurts their confidence levels. It can alter a person’s relationships as well as their personal and professional lives. 

Dr. Drew Dundas’ love for working directly with patients has enabled him to help many people get their hearing loss problems treated so that they can live more fulfilling lives. Because of technology created by the Earlens Corporation, he was able to help a famous film director return to editing the soundscape for his sets. 

In this episode of ListenUp!, Dr. Mark Syms is joined by Dr. Drew Dundas, the Vice President of Audiology and Product Strategy at Earlens Corporation, to talk about audiology, technology, and helping patients receive proper hearing treatment. Dr. Dundas also describes some of the patients he’s treated, his experience working at Earlens Corporation, and the benefits of communicating with experts outside of your own specialization.

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This episode is brought to you by the Arizona Hearing Center.

The Arizona Hearing Center is a cutting-edge hearing care facility providing comprehensive, family-focused care. Approximately 36 million Americans suffer from some sort of hearing loss, more than half of whom are younger than the age of 65. That’s why the team at the Arizona Hearing Center is focused on providing the highest-quality care using innovative technologies and inclusive treatment plans. 

As the Founder of the Arizona Hearing Center, Dr. Mark Syms is passionate about helping patients effectively treat their hearing loss so that they can stay connected with their family and friends and remain independent. He knows first-hand how hearing loss can impact social connection and effective communication. By relying on three core values—empathy, education, and excellence—Dr. Syms and his team of hearing loss experts are transforming the lives of patients. 

So what are you waiting for? Stop missing out on the conversation and start improving your quality of life today!  

To learn more about the Arizona Hearing Center, visit or call us at 602-307-9919. We don’t sell hearing aids—we treat your hearing loss.

Episode Transcript

Intro  0:04  

Welcome to the Listen Up! podcast where we explore hearing loss, communication, connections and Health.

Dr. Mark Syms  0:16  

Dr. Mark Syms here I’m the host of the Listen Up! podcast where I feature top leaders in healthcare. This episode is brought to you by Arizona Hearing Center. I help patients to effectively treat their hearing loss so they can connect better with family and friends and remain independent. The reason I’m so passionate about helping patients is because I lost my brother Robbie twice. First from his hearing loss from radiation to his brain tumor, and again when he passed away. I only care for ears and I’m the E of ENT. I’ve performed over 10,000 surgeries of the past 20 years. I’m the Founder of Arizona Hearing Center. I’m the author of Listen Up!, go to or you can go to and contact us with questions or emails for any problems or questions you have today.

 I’m really excited. I have Dr. Drew Dundas here. He’s an awesome audiologist. He’s the Vice President, Audiology & Product Strategy at Earlens. He is an accomplished academic cardiologist who worked at the Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt, UCSF, you guys know that. But those are all heavy hitters in the hearing and hearing loss world. I’ve worked with him in terms of Earlens, and he provides an excellent bridge between the Earlens and clinical practice. I’m excited to have you today on Listen Up! Welcome, Drew. Thanks for coming.

Dr. Drew Dundas  1:24  

Thanks, Dr. Syms, a pleasure to be here with you.

Dr. Mark Syms  1:27  

There. That’s great. Hey, so you know, I’m always interested, tell me tell me about your journey. Like, how did you get? You know, everybody always asked like, well, I started out as a young man, and then ended up being an academic background audiologist, how’d you get there?

Dr. Drew Dundas  1:42  

You know, cutting down on the long story, I was really interested in trying to get into the space program when I was high school and undergraduate. And I had studied neuroscience and physics in my undergrad and thought that that would be a great underpinning. But I happen to take a course that was related to hearing imbalance, and how the ear was able to control for those things or contribute to those things. And I got just absolutely fascinated about it and realized that it might be a great way to get into the space program to be studying balance because of the issues that they have on the ISS and adapting to life in space. And ended up taking a master’s degree in audiology and kind of got sucked into the dark side of the hearing side instead of the balance view. Yeah, it’s just so amazing, and so impactful to people’s lives. So I’ve been very fortunate to kind of work my way through and the academic system. And as you mentioned, work in such great leading places where creative thinking and research is really encouraged. And it’s been an interesting journey.

Dr. Mark Syms  3:05  

That’s great. Thanks for sharing with me. So you still want to go to space.

Dr. Drew Dundas  3:09  

I would love it if they ended up telling me that I was too tall. So I was cut from the application process early on very early.

Dr. Mark Syms  3:19  

Obviously, there are some of your colleagues in the area you work in who are trying to build rockets for commercial use. So that’s true.

Dr. Drew Dundas  3:25  

That’s true. Yeah, I’ll have to get to know Elon and see how that goes.

Dr. Mark Syms  3:30  

Yeah, or a guy up in Seattle to write your art or the guy for virgin? Right. They’re all trying to take people to space. Yeah, well, I hope you get there. That’s an awesome aspiration. So tell me, you know, I always love to talk to people about things like, you know, what was the most impactful, but like, kind of, there’s always people who have a story. Like, what there’s a patient where I’m like, wow, this really rocks what I’m doing this is awesome. So, you know, it might be one it might be multiple, but you know, there’s this point where I think most clinicians have that leverage, like, wow, what I do is awesome. Oh, tell me you have one of those stories or a couple of their stories, you know,

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