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What is Naida Link?

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If you’re an Advanced Bionics (AB) cochlear implant recipient, you may already be aware that AB is owned by the same company that owns Phonak. This has allowed for AB and Phonak to collaborate on technology compatibility, and now, one of the most recent fruits of the AB/Phonak collaboration is the Naida Link hearing aid.

Cochlear implant recipients who utilize a hearing aid on the opposite ear are considered bimodal users, meaning they use both electric (CI) and acoustic (hearing aid) hearing. The Naida Link is strictly for bimodal use in the non-implanted ear of AB cochlear implant recipients. If you currently have the AB Naida Q70 or Q90 sound processor, the Naida Link may be of benefit to you. Although the cochlear implant provides ample information for speech understanding, the benefits to bimodal hearing include enriched sound quality, amplified volume and possibly improved hearing in background noise. The Naida Link takes bimodal hearing to a new level.

The Naida Link and the Naida Sound Processor are designed to work synergistically by communicating with each other. This means that the program settings and volume will change together and the sound processing features that enhance listening in noise are timed to work together. Additionally, the directional microphones work together to allow beam forming to focus on the person you are listening to in a noisy setting. The Phonak/AB wireless accessories you use now will continue to work with both of these devices as well.

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