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4 Simple Ways to Care For Your Hearing Aids

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Change the Wax Filters

For every daily wear hearing aid, regardless of style, the sound comes out of the device from a speaker and into your ear. The earpiece that houses the speaker and sits in your ear canal varies from patient to patient depending on your hearing loss and your hearing aid style preference.

Regardless of style, it is important to keep the earpiece (e.g. dome, earmold) clean of earwax and accumulated debris. If the earpiece is not cleaned the earwax and debris can migrate and clog the speaker and the device will sound muffled or dead. Wax filters should be changed every 3-4 weeks or if the hearing aid sounds muffled, weak or dead.

Check Your Batteries

If you use disposable batteries, make sure that you change them regularly. Your hearing aid will notify you with a sound (IE or eg beep) or voice (ie or eg battery) that the battery needs to be replaced. 

When changing the batteries, remember do not remove the battery tab until you are ready to use the battery. Once you remove the sticker or pull tab, let the battery sit for approximately 2 minutes. This allows the air to enter through the small holes (on the positive side of the battery) to mix with the zinc and activate the battery.

The average lifespan for disposable batteries varies by battery size.  

  • Size 10: 3-7 Days
  • Size 13: 6-14 Days
  • Size 312: 3-10 Days
  • Size 675: 9-15 Days

When you are not using your hearing aids, open the battery doors to preserve the batteries.

For those with rechargeable batteries, make sure that you are placing your hearing aids in the charger properly. Your charger will have a designated spot for the left and right hearing aid. If the hearing aids are not placed properly in the charger, the battery will not charge. The light on the charger will indicate if it is charging. Let your hearing care provider know if your charger is not functioning properly.

Clean Your Hearing Aids Regularly

As a general rule, cleaning hearing aids and earpieces each day should be done with a soft, dry cloth. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling your hearing aids. Do not use water, cleaning fluids, solvents or alcohol, as these could damage your hearing aids. After you wipe the whole hearing aid with a cloth, use a small soft brush to brush the microphones.

Store Them in A Safe Place

Put Your Hearing Aids In A Case When Not in Use

Your hearing aids are electronic devices. As with most electronic devices, moisture can damage the circuitry. Avoid wearing your hearing aids when swimming, showering, and bathing. Remove your hearing aids before entering a steam room or sauna. Do not store or leave them in the bathroom. Make sure to keep your hearing aids in a dry place. Store your devices in their storage case when you are not wearing them.

If you do not have a storage case, ask your hearing care provider for a drying aid kit.

For more information about hearing aid care and maintenance subscribe to our blog. If you have any trouble with your hearing aids, please call our office at 602-277-HEAR(4327).

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