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Earlens: How Does the Lens Work?

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How does hearing work?

Imagine for a moment, someone next to you suddenly shouts. Though we cannot see it, the air around their mouth would resemble circular ripples in water. Those ripples, or sound waves, represent sound traveling through the air.

If you can hear the shout, that means their ripples have reached your ear and vibrated your eardrum. Your inner ear and brain translate these vibrations into sound that you understand.

“How We Hear”

How does the Earlens work?

The Earlens works a little differently. Instead of sound waves, light enters your ear.

The Earlens picks up the shout and converts it into light. This light hits a tiny lens on your eardrum. The lens absorbs the light, translates the information, and then vibrates your eardrum.

Since your eardrum can’t tell the difference between vibrations caused by sound and vibrations caused by light, you still hear the same, natural acoustic sound.

Well, not all the same. However, since the lens touches your eardrum directly, it delivers the widest range of hearing, without all the feedback of a regular hearing aid.

How do I get one?

First, schedule an appointment our providers and complete a comprehensive medical and audiological evaluation. From this, we can determine if you qualify anatomically for the technology.

If you are considered a good fit, we’d then take an impression of your ear which becomes a custom device to be placed in your ear.

To continue reading this series – which concludes with the benefits of a re-chargeable device – click here.

Thinking about Earlens? Our board-certified specialists at Arizona Hearing Center are happy to discuss the qualifications and treatment process in detail. Contact our office by phone at 602.313.1243 for more information.


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