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Earlens: Benefits of the Charger

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When do you charge your phone? And how do you go about it?

Every night before hopping into bed, I plug my phone in. And when I wake up, it’s completely charged and ready for a day’s work.

But, what if we had to replace our phone’s batteries instead of charging them?

Beyond the constant fear that our batteries are going to deplete, we’d be forced to lug around extra batteries. Not to mention the environmental impact from discarding used batteries.

Replacing batteries seems stressful and inefficient. A rechargeable phone is much better.

So why shouldn’t your hearing aid be the same?

This is where the Earlens – the latest rechargeable smartphone of hearing aids – revolutionizes the way we see hearing technology.

While you sleep, your hearing aid too rests. That would be the best time to charge.

An EarLens user only needs to remove the Photon Processor and Light Tip behind the ear. Once plugging them into the wireless charger, the device charges fully in just four hours.

On full charge, the Earlens will last around twenty-eight hours. Unless you expect to be awake for over twenty-eight hours at a time, you never need to worry about running out of charge.

Rechargeable batteries also reduce your carbon footprint.

While you’re using rechargeable Earlens, you’re also saving the environment. What’s not to love?

Schedule a visit with our board-certified providers to discuss Earlens and if you qualify for the technology. Your life with better hearing is just one step away; contact us by phone at 602.313.1243 for more information.

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