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Am I a candidate for the cochlear implant (CI) surgery?

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After your initial otologic/audiologic evaluation, you may be referred for a technology evaluation to determine the most appropriate type of technology to rehabilitate your hearing loss.  This cochlear implant testing is done because sometimes hearing aids are not the most appropriate option to rehabilitate a patient’s hearing loss.  Our experts at Arizona Hearing Center want to make sure that all possible technology solutions a presented to each patient.  Our patients are expected to bring a significant other/family member/friend to this appointment as well as all future appointments at our office to facilitate the best outcome possible for the patient.  Unlike a traditional hearing test, a CI evaluation is completed with the use of hearing aids (your own, clinic hearing aids, or both).  This evaluation takes about an hour to complete.  At the conclusion of the appointment, a recommendation is given as to the best treatment option for the patient.  If hearing aids are the recommended course of action, the patient is provided with information on obtaining devices.  When a patient is identified as a cochlear implant candidate, the patient is enrolled in the cochlear implant education process.

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Cochlear Implant Series

  • Patient Expectation
  • Anatomic Criteria
  • Medical Clearance
  • Insurance Payment

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