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How-To: Choose a Cochlear Implant

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The cochlear implant journey can be both intimidating and exciting. At Arizona Hearing Center, we enable our patients to choose which cochlear implant they want. After all, each cochlear implant manufacturer has its pros and cons and no one is better than the others from a hearing performance point of view. This is why we leave the choice up to the cochlear implant patient.

Cochlear Implants Vs. Hearing Aids: What’s The Difference?

We know choosing a device can be tough, but remember that technology is always improving and so are cochlear implants. So, while how the device performs is important, you should not ignore the daily, personal experience of the device. As you are researching which device is best for you, here are some details to take into account.

Dexterity: All devices need to have their batteries changed or parts replaced. Does any device stand out as easy and convenient in these terms?

Wearing style: All devices can fit over the ear, but some offer other options for wear. What is most comfortable for you?

Wireless accessories: Devices can connect to TV, phone, FM systems, and remote microphones. Each device differs. Do you have a favorite one?

Do you wear a hearing aid on the opposite ear? There is an increasing trend for cochlear implant systems to integrate with hearing aids and wireless accessories. You should look into these features to improve your cochlear implant experience.

Have you spoken to other cochlear implant users? Try talking to people who use these devices daily. They may tell you something new. You can find others through each manufacturer’s online user and candidate community or local groups such as the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) or local manufacturer specific user groups.

Here are a few resources for you to visit on your own:

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