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FAQ: “Why Do I Need A Prior Authorization?”

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“Prior Authorization: Why Do I Need One, and How Long Does It Take To Receive?”

An authorization is a requirement of your insurance company in order for you to obtain care.

Your insurance company permission (otherwise called authorization) needs to be obtained prior to your visit.  If an authorization is not obtained, the cost of your care will not be paid.  

The need to obtain an authorization is a contractual obligation set forth by your insurance company.

Once the authorization is submitted, the insurance company has 14 business days to respond, but we have found that this process can be sped up by the patient calling the insurance as well.

You should call the number on your insurance card, and if the number is not available, a quick internet search of your provider should deliver the appropriate number.

Using your identification number, you should be able to discuss the status, timeline and need of an authorization with a representative from your insurance company.

Once the authorization has been obtained, with all of the proper codes, we will be happy to schedule you to be seen.

For more information on insurance authorizations, contact Arizona Ear Center‘s insurance & billing specialists by phone at 602.307.9919, or by email at

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