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FAQ: “Why Do I Need An Audiogram?”

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“Audiogram? Why Do I Need One?”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently completed an audiogram, or you’re not in the office to test hearing; as part of properly treating the cause of your hearing loss, a hearing test is an essential measurement and evaluation of the health and function of the hearing pathway.

The testing can evaluate the level of function of your cochlea (your hearing organ), status of your middle ear bones, the status of your eardrum and the status of your ear canal.  

When the patient presents with an ear problem, this is an essential measurement that needs to be performed to determine the overall health of each ear.

A hearing aid or a hearing test is an essential diagnostic test in an otologic practice such as Arizona Hearing Center.

For example: Just as a cardiologist uses an EKG to reflect the health of the heart, hearing test reflects the health of the hearing system.

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