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What’s the Newest Hearing Aid? EarLens

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Are you satisfied with your current hearing aid? Do you think it could be better?

Hearing technology is always improving, and every so often, a revolutionary new technology comes along and completely transforms the old hearing aid. You are just in time to witness one of those changes.

A new technology called Earlens has just debuted. Earlens hearing aid is completely differently from a traditional hearing aid. Instead of just turning up the volume dial on regular sounds like a traditional hearing aid, Earlens uses light beams to transfer sound.

Yes, you read that right. Light.

The light vibrates a lens – similar to a contact lens on your eye – on your eardrum. Your eardrum then conducts these vibrations to your inner ear and brain.

This new treatment takes away a lot of the limits of regular hearing aids. The Earlens devices are better than old hearing aids in three main ways:

  1. Improved access to high-frequency information

Traditional hearing aids provide a limited amount of high-frequency information because of the limits of the speakers in the hearing aid. Often a traditional hearing aid is not able to provide enough high-tone improvement to overcome a patient’s loss. With the light transmission of the earlens, however, high-frequency sounds are not limited by the speaker because there is no speaker. This makes speech, and especially music, sound much better.

  1. Reduced occlusion effect (sound of your own voice)

With traditional hearing aids, it can sound like you are talking in a barrel. Your voice echoes because the hearing aid blocks your ear canal. When using Earlens, your ear canal is not blocked, so your voice does not echo.

  1. Reduced Feedback (squeaking, squealing, whistling)

Traditional hearing aids whistle if they are not programmed or fitted correctly. Yet, eliminating this whistle can reduce the sound quality of the hearing aid. Using light instead of sound waves for sound, the Earlens can make just the right amount of sound without annoying feedback.

In the mid 90’s, digital hearing aids completely changed the hearing aid market. After all, who still uses an analog hearing aid? 20 years from now, Earlens will have supplanted digital hearing aids.

To explore Earlens technology further, contact Arizona Hearing Center now to schedule an evaluation or ask questions about this amazing new technology. Contact us by phone at 602.313.1243 or by email at Scheduling@Azhear.Com.

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