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Life After Treatment: Sudden Hearing Loss

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Many sudden sensorineural hearing loss patients take a combination of oral steroids and transtympanic infusions in an attempt to recover their hearing. When it comes to each patient’s outcome, however, the results may be wildly different.

“The results are very individualized,” Dr. Mark Syms explains. “It depends on how long you’ve had the hearing loss, the extent of the hearing loss and whether there are any underlying diseases. The reality is it depends on the factors of the individual patient.”

Patients typically come in for a follow-up hearing exam three weeks after finishing the series of transtympanic infusions.

“Dr. Syms was great about figuring out what potentially could be the problem, diagnosing it and advising about some possible treatments,” Cyplik says. “But he was also realistic about seeing where we’re going with those treatments. There’s no guarantees of the outcomes, but if we follow the right set of procedures, there’s likely to be a good outcome.”

“I was willing to do anything. It didn’t matter at that point in time… I’m a lawyer, not a doctor. I did the infusions and I’d do them again.,” said Wiebe.

Mr Bascone says, “I’m usually a ‘glass half-full’ type of person, but in this instance, I’m looking more at reality. I don’t see my hearing coming back. But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try the infusions all over again.”

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