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Hearing Aid vs Cochlear Implant: What’s The Difference?

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People who have a severe or a substantial hearing loss more often tend to complain of difficulty understanding.

There are two parts to hearing, volume and clarity. Hearing aids will only give you volume.  The purpose of cochlear implant is to restore both the volume and clarity for understanding.

This is the fundamental difference between the two technologies.A hearing aid drives through the normal hearing mechanism that is amplifying the sound to the eardrum through the bones of hearing into the cochlea from the receptor cells in the hearing organ.

Those receptor cells are called hair cells. The sound is received, turned into an electrical signal and sent to the brain.

Often times in sensorineural hearing loss the hair cells (receptor cells) do not work.  Thus a patient does not receive a satisfactory benefit from a hearing aid because the receptors, the hair cells, are damaged and they have lost both of volume and clarity.

A cochlear implant bypasses the receptor cells by directly stimulating the nerve and therefore, is able to restore both volume and clarity.

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