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Can Hearing Aids Help Age-Related Hearing Loss?

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A hearing loss due to aging is called presbycusis.

What kind of problems can it create? People with presbycusis lose high frequency (high pitch) hearing. This causes a dramatic reduction in the clarity of speech. It usually occurs in both ears at the same time, making the problem even worse. With it, understanding speech is difficult, particularly in a noisy background such as a restaurant or with the television on..

What is the best treatment? Two well fitted hearing aids. Good hearing aids can restore the lost high frequency sounds that someone with presbycusis couldn’t hear before. Someone who suffers from hearing loss can enhance the listening experience by using assistive listening devices such as a remote microphone. When used with hearing aids, these devices can dramatically improve clarity in noisy places.

Recent research shows hearing loss and dementia may be related. Experts have recommended hearing loss should be treated when it first occurs. Waiting may potentially cause structural brain changes and worsened one’s overall health.

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