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Remote Microphones

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Individuals with hearing loss all have one thing in common: difficulty understanding speech amidst background noise. The problem is, all hearing technologies have trouble differentiating between background noises and speech, and both are amplified.

While some hearing devices include built-in features that assist an individual in a noisy environment, there is one accessory that provides more substantial benefit in these environments. This accessory is a remote microphone.

A remote microphone picks up the speech sounds you want to hear without picking up the background sounds you don’t. Because it is placed closer to the source of sound, be it on a person’s collar or at the center of a table, the microphone has more ease picking up speech. The speech is then sent directly to your hearing devices, limiting the amount of background noise.

Imagine going to dinner with a friend and actually being able to hear what they are saying. That’s because your friend’s speech doesn’t have to compete with all of the noise in the restaurant. It’s like they’re talking right into your ear.

The simple fact of the matter is, remote microphones are the gold standard for helping you understand speech in difficult listening situations.

Have you experienced difficulty understanding speech in noisy situations? If so, remote microphones may be an option for you. Contact Arizona Hearing Center by phone at 602.313.1243 to schedule your appointment.

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