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Our board-certified providers work together to provide a comprehensive hearing loss evaluation and guide you to treatment plans that fit your lifestyle.

  • Comprehensive Audiologic Evaluation

  • Medical Evaluation

  • Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

  • Initiate Prevention

At Arizona Hearing Center, we pride ourselves on having the advantage to treat hearing loss, and not simply sell hearing aids. Supported by board-certified neurotologists, otologists, and audiologists, our evaluation and treatment processes ensure that rather than fitting you with a device and hoping for the best, each step taken is a direction toward overall better health. Every patient’s journey is different; we want each guest and their loved ones to be educated on the treatment possibilities, and feel comfortable sharing their journey with us.

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We Let Our Patients Do The Talking.

  • "It just suddenly happened one day. I woke to my right ear being OK however, there was no hearing in my left. I had to talk on the phone and be present at meetings using only one ear. And that just created more panic; I knew I had to do something..."

    Anthony Cyplik
    Anthony Cyplik Transtympanic Infusion Recipient
  • "I made a quick appointment with my general physician and was put on an oral steroid. I left town for a conference for a couple days and still didn't feel any relief. Nothing worked for me up to that point so my doctor referred Dr. Syms...."

    Anthony Cyplik
    Anthony Cyplik Transtympanic Infusion Recipient
  • "My Google searches didn't bring any relief: no matter which review I read, it only created more fear because of the risk of losing due to inaction. I figured I had less than a week...."

    Anthony Cyplik
    Anthony Cyplik Transtympanic Infusion Recipient
  • "My steroid infusions from Dr. Syms we're at first terrifying but I wanted to do whatever it took to ensure I didn't lose my hearing. I went through five series of infusions and wanted to see progress instantly, but the staff let me know that the changes will take time..."

    Anthony Cyplik
    Anthony Cyplik Transtympanic Infusion Recipient
  • "As of today, weeks removed from my infusions, my hearing is almost back to 100 percent. I'm thankful for acting so fast. I realized how important your hearing is, and suggest to others holding back from treatment to take charge and never wait. You never know how important hearing is until it's gone."

    Anthony Cyplik
    Anthony Cyplik Transtympanic Infusion Recipient

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