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CROS= Contralateral Routing of Signal

CROS is intended for hearing impaired patients that have little to no hearing in one ear. It is a form of hearing treatment that gives access to sound from your poorer ear side by sending speech signals to your better ear. Different from traditional hearing aids, a CROS transmitter is placed on the poorer hearing ear and sends the sound that it collects over to a hearing aid on the better hearing ear. This allows the user to have 360° access to sound. If you suffer from single-sided deafness or have an ear that cannot benefit from traditional amplification, CROS may be your best option.

Most individuals with an unaidable hearing loss in one ear struggle with group situations. This is because they can’t hear people on their poorer side. Any situation that involves someone speaking on your poorer side will receive benefit from a CROS. It can help you hear sounds from your dead ear side. 

CROS Technology for Cochlear Implants

Advanced Bionics
At the moment, Advanced Bionics is the only company that pairs with a hearing aid manufacturer (Phonak) that can provide this CROS technology. The CROS hearing aid is called the Phonak Naida Link CROS. It automatically adjusts to your surroundings for an easy listening experience. 

Cochlear Americas
Cochlear Americas does not currently offer the CROS technology.

Med-El does not currently offer the CROS technology.

If you want more information about CROS technology, give us a call at 602-277-4327 to learn more.

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