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Cochlear Implants


“How Do I Know a Cochlear Implant is for Me?”

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A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted device for patients experiencing a high level of hearing loss. Hearing aids are limited in providing usable benefit for patients with profound deafness, typically those who qualify for cochlear implants. Whereas a hearing aid limits the amount of amplification (gain), giving many feedback difficulties, the cochlear implant bypasses the damage to the cochlea – the true cause of your hearing loss.

There are specific FDA regulations on cochlear implants, however, a typical candidate may experience:

  • Some hearing with hearing aids, but cannot understand the sounds.
  • Difficulty using the telephone successfully.
  • Inability to understand the television or movies.
  • An overall lack of clarity due to damage in the cochlea (cause of the hearing loss)

Want to know more about the possibilities with a cochlear implant?

Check out our Cochlear Implant Buyers Guide for more information about the different cochlear implant models and their capabilities. You can also contact us at 602-313-1747 for more information about the process and how you qualify, or reach us via our online form to schedule an exam and consultation.

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