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There are three types of batteries for hearing aids: zinc air, rechargeable and AAA.

Zinc-air batteries are non-rechargeable, metal-air batteries powered by zinc and oxygen. These batteries can be purchased at your local audiology clinic or retail stores. The batteries will typically have a color and a number associated with the battery size. The common sizes for hearing devices are as follows:

Zinc Air Battery

These batteries contain a sticker to keep the battery dormant (asleep/inactive). Once the sticker is peeled off, the battery is active. Placing the sticker back on the battery will not deactivate the battery.

Cochlear implants that use disposable batteries typically use the 675 Implant PLUS battery. These disposable battery compartments contain holes (circled below) on the back, which differentiate them from the rechargeable cochlear implant batteries.

Zinc Air Battery

standard zinc air

Rechargeable batteries are more common for cochlear implant patients. Depending on the product and size, there is a wide range from 8-40 hours of battery life with these devices before they need to be charged.

Rechargeable Batteries

AAA batteries are common for TV remotes, DVD Player remotes, and other common electronics. These batteries can be purchased at your local retail store.

Advanced Bionics Neptune uses 1 AAA battery and averages roughly 21 hours of battery life, depending on the patient’s needs.

AAA PowerPak

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