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Cost Of Hearing Aids Explained

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In order to determine how much you need to spend on treating your hearing loss, it is important to know that there are different levels of hearing technology that go into hearing aids. It’s also important to know how these different levels of technology will impact you.

Your listening demands will directly impact which level of technology will best work for you.

Ideally, a licensed audiologist will be able to make sure you select the level that can meet your listening demands, but in the absence of that, this guide should help you to determine which is best for you and what you can expect to pay.

Note: It is important to know that these prices include your treatment plan, not just the hearing aids themselves.  

The Six Levels of Technology

Level 11 – Ultra Premium ($11,990/pair)

This level of technology is reserved specifically for EarLens Hearing Aids. The Arizona Hearing Center is currently the only place in the world to use this technology, which uses invisible light to amplify sound and provide better sound quality than traditional hearing aids. It is designed to improve not only speech understanding but also music appreciation as well. Patients report that this level of hearing aid is “500 times better” than traditional hearing aids in terms of perceived benefit.

Level 9 – Premium ($7,490/pair)

The top level of standard hearing-aid technology is used by individuals who want all of the bells and whistles to help them hear better in difficult environments. It is ideal for working adults who work in loud environments, travel for work, or go out to restaurants regularly. The technology inside Premium devices allows for better speech understanding, reduced listening effort and easier adjustment to your environment. It also provides greater customization by an audiologist. If you need to make sure you hear the best that you can with standard hearing aid technology, Premium level is for you.

Level 7 – Advanced ($6,490/pair)

This is probably the most popular level of hearing technology. While it doesn’t function as well as the Premium level in background noise, it gets pretty close. While it will help you to understand speech in noisy environments, it can take more listening effort and can’t be customized as much as the Premium level. Your hearing-care professional can help you determine how well you can perform in a variety of environments with this technology. Nearly 70 percent of the patients we fit are at this level.

Level 5 – Standard ($5,490/pair)

This level of technology is perfect for individuals with relatively quiet lifestyles. It can help in a variety of listening situations, but it should not be relied upon in extremely difficult environments (ie. loud restaurants) or when you need to make sure you hear what is being said the first time. This level will work in an office or home environment if there are not several conversations going on at once.

Level 3 – Entry Level ($4,490/pair)

This level of technology is generally used by individuals with very quiet lifestyles. Think of someone who only has one-on-one conversations without background noise.  Entry-level hearing aids have the capability to help in these situations, but they do not have the noise-reducing features necessary for other scenarios.

Level 1 – Basic ($3,490/pair)

The Basic level hearing aid should only be considered if you cannot afford the Entry level. It will make sound audible, but it will not provide a high-quality listening experience in noise. Programming capabilities of your audiologist will also be limited. The training you receive will be critical to your success at this level.

If you have questions about technology, or which level would compliment your lifestyle most, please contact us by phone at 602.277.4327 (HEAR), or by email at

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