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Why did I get a bill? Navigating the cost of medical care…

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The shock stops here.

Why did I get a bill for my visit to the Arizona Hearing Center?

How many times have you gone to the mailbox, started sorting through your mail and you come across an envelope from a health care provider only to open it up to find a bill that you weren’t expecting. It happens all too often.  ‘Why did I get a bill?’ you think to yourself. We understand confusion in the world of rising health care costs.

There are two reasons you would have received a bill. Below are the most common answers to this question. 

~ Perhaps; You have Medical Insurance: You may have received a bill because after your insurance processed the claim we sent on your behalf, and after the claim was processed your insurance company may determine you have additional costs associated with the treatment you received.  Usually these charges are related to an unmet deductible and/or co-insurance.  Rarely, this is due to a service that your insurance did not cover or found the service to be medically unnecessary. 

~ For self-pay patients: You received a bill because you received additional services that were not included in the price you pre-paid at check-in.  The amount you paid was for office visit only/office visit and hearing test only and did not include the additional services rendered. You may have other associated costs from the hospital that are not controlled by the Arizona Hearing Center. Please check with specific providers for further questions.

We realize that not all circumstances are the same so if this does not answer your question or you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at 602-307-9919

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