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“Ear-Ban Myths: The Dangers of Ear Candling”

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Ear candling, is it safe?

‘Tis the season for holiday gatherings, family and friends, and much-needed free time atop curiosity. Although your holiday destination may be filled with candles -and willing participants – it’s wise to avoid the urban myth of “ear candling,” otherwise known as “coning.”

Alternative medicine therapies are increasing in popularity, and ear candling (coning) is among the methods many are exploring yet,  the process of putting a cone shaped candle into the ear canal and lighting it is, well, at the very least, not a smart idea. (Spoiler Alert: Mom of the Year Attempts to “Clean” Son’s Ears)

Although it’s widely claimed to provide relief from clogged earwax, Meniere’s disease, tinnitus, ear infections and many other ailments, the procedure is inherently dangerous.

Documented injuries – including burns and perforated ear drums – not to mention, the dangers of burning yourself, others or your house to the ground, deem ear candling an unsafe practice without demonstrated benefit.

Looking to clean your ears out for the New Year? Put down the candles, and contact us at 602.814.0452 to schedule an appointment with our board certified otologist.


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