Introducing the world’s first fully-implanted hearing device specifically engineered to help improve the hearing of adults diagnosed with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss

Is Esteem For Me?

Esteem is designed to transmit sound impulses when the tiny hair cells inside your cochlea are damaged or degraded. If your hearing loss causes you to constantly miss out on things in life, drift away from friends and family, or even prevents you from achieving your potential, Esteem could be a possible treatment option.

“How Does Esteem Work?”

Arizona Hearing Center | Esteem Image

Since the Esteem is a true implant, there’s no hardware to be seen. Patients avoid external components and enjoy not having to insert a traditional hearing device. Unlike hearing aids, you never put it on or take it off, and never have to worry about cleaning or losing it. Out of sight, and out of mind. As it naturally should, sound enters the outer ear and funnels down the ear canal causing our eardrums to vibrate. Esteem:

  • Consists of three components (Sensor, Sound Processor, & Driver). Each work together with your ear to deliver natural hearing.
  • The Sensor converts the vibrations into electrical signals that are sent to the implanted Sound Processor. The Sound Processor receives, adjusts and intensifies the signals to fit your unique hearing needs.
  • Finally, the Driver translates these customized signals to intensified vibrations. The vibrations are transferred to the inner ear where the cochlea cells are stimulated, causing you to hear more natural sound.


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